Benefits of a Juice Fast for a Parasite Cleanse

A juice fast not only cleanses the body, but it nourishes and enables it eliminate the parasites naturally without any harsh chemicals.

Juice For Parasites
Juice For Parasites - Carrot, Beet & Ginger

Everyone wants to live a healthy life, thus the great struggle of many people to eat healthy foods. However, such efforts can be thwarted when an individual's digestive system and other parts of the body are not functioning optimally due to exposure to insects.

Getting rid of parasites is not easy. You need dedication and sacrifice; otherwise, all the important nutrients will first be absorbed by the parasites, leaving your body with nothing. A total or partial fast can help cleanse your body of any parasites. This is because it starves the parasites to death or makes them too weak to escape any treatment. Through this, you also chase them out of the body since they do not get the food they are used to.

There are many benefits of juice fast for a parasite cleanse as it is among the most reliable and healthy methods of ridding the body of parasites. It is meant to deprive the body of the foods that feed parasites thus killing them or making it easier to get rid of them through alternative means. This method is advantageous for various reasons:

Green juices for parasites are important because they provide the body with essential vitamins that assist the body in strengthening its immune system. These juices also have features that allow them to fight toxins and parasite infestations, which is enhanced by their vitamin components. Green juices are often free of any fiber, which means they do not go through the body's digestion process. As a result, the body absorbs them without any digestion activity going on in the bowels and the parasites are unable to compete with the body for nutrients. This makes it possible to starve and eliminate the parasites.

When doing a juice fast for a parasite cleanse it is important to stick to mostly green and other vegetable juices. The reason being is that some fruits contain high amounts of sugar that could potentially feed the parasites. This is true even though the sugars are natural.

A lemon juice cleanse is another type of fast or cleanse that you may consider for effective body cleansing. The juice can be taken in conjunction with the green juices or it can be done on a separate cleanse. Lemon juice has powerful cleansing capabilities and cleanses the body at a cellular level. The essence is to clean the whole body in order to make it difficult for the parasites to continue living there. In addition, lemon is rich in vitamin C, which is a good component in boosting an individual's immune system. A strong immune system in return will attack and fight off all types of parasites and viruses.

Whatever method of cleanse you choose, it is important that you stop cleansing if it gets too difficult or if you feel weak and dizzy.

Since the bowels do not function when doing a juice fast, you need to find a way of eliminating the dead or weak parasites from the body. This may be done by taking psyllium, triphala or a mild laxative tea every day. You may also opt for another laxative called Senna, though it is advisable to only consume it for a short time, at most three days. It is very powerful and the body can become dependant on it.

When you are done with a juice fast, it is important to take foods that fight parasites for a while to make it possible to eliminate any remaining parasites from the body. Some of the common foods that you may consider taking include the superfood smoothie fast, which involves consuming a mixture of maca, matcha, mucuna, neem, ashwagandha and other super food powders that are mixed with coconut oil, water, and/or nut milk. You could add some raw cacao to make the smoothies taste better, however, you don't want to overdo it on the cacao. Taking foods rich in garlic, cinnamon and ginger can also kill various parasites in the body.

Doing a juice fast for a parasite cleanse will not only rid the body of harmful parasites, but it will also help to restore nutrition levels in the body and enable it to fight off all types of diseases and common ailments.

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