Coconut Oil Parasite Cleanse

A Natural Way to Get Rid of Parasites

Coconut Oil Parasite Cleanse
Coconut Oil Parasite Cleanse

A coconut oil parasite cleanse is a safe and effective way to rid the body of harmful parasites. The cleanse is not only effective against parasites, but against many other common ailments as well. Therefore, a coconut oil cleanse can safely be done even if no parasites are present. This natural cleanse may actually be the answer to a variety of health problems. It is especially helpful for chronic fatigue as is helps to cleanse the body and increase energy levels naturally.

What makes coconut oil so powerful? It contains medium chain triglycerides, which help to increase energy levels as well as to strengthen and build up the immune system. A strong immune system is necessary in order for the body to recover from an infection. The anti-parasitic properties of coconut oil help to fight off all types of parasites, bacteria and viruses. In addition, oil makes everything slippery including the digestive tract, thus it makes it more difficult for parasites to attach themselves to the intestinal lining.

Coconut oil converts to sugar and increases energy levels; however, one can expect to experience low energy levels during the cleanse. A severely toxic individual will need to get a lot of extra rest during the cleanse whereas someone less toxic may be able to continue with regular activities.

There are many types of coconut oils available on the market. The best choice is a raw, organic and cold-pressed oil for maximum benefits.

How to Do the Cleanse

To do a coconut oil parasite cleanse it is best to practice the same principles as recommended for other cleanses. As with other cleanses, it can be difficult on both the mind and body and therefore, it is recommended to somewhat prepare for the cleanse. This is done by avoiding heavy foods and other toxic substances during the last two weeks before the cleanse, particularly the last few days leading up to the cleanse. This basically begins the cleansing process in order to decrease the detox symptoms during the cleanse.

One should also begin taking coconut oil daily before the cleanse to help the body to adjust to it. One teaspoon daily is a good place to start and one can increase that as the body is able to tolerate the oil.

A coconut oil cleanse consists of mixing coconut oil in warm water and drinking it over a period of three to seven days. To add some flavor one can add some fresh lemon juice and sea salt. Stevia can also be added if a little sweetness is desired. It is best to avoid any type of sugar as that can potentially feed and strengthen the parasites. The goal is to weaken and eliminate them with the coconut oil.

The amount to take will vary from person to person ranging from eight to 14 tablespoons a day. Two tablespoons can be taken at 2-hour intervals throughout the day.

During the cleanse it is important to consume as many liquids as possible in order to help flush out the parasites. If hunger strikes, one can have some yogurt to snack on or even mix the oil with the yogurt, which will help to get the oil down better. It gets more difficult to down the oil as the cleanse goes on, so adding some yogurt will help to continue with the cleanse.

If a cleanse is not an option or if it is too difficult, the oil can simply be added into a healthy diet along with raw garlic, onions, hot peppers and other anti-parasitic foods.

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