Die-Off Symptoms of Parasites

These Symptoms are Common Once the Parasites Begin to Get Restless in the Body

Die-Off Symptoms of Parasites
Die-Off Symptoms of Parasites

The die-off symptoms of parasites include weakness, fatigue, pain and emotional instabilities. The parasite die-off symptoms begin as soon as the parasites start to die off and generally last until they have been eliminated. Some of the symptoms are directly associated with the parasites becoming restless and moving around in the body, while other symptoms are the result of dietary changes and medications.

The die-off symptoms of parasites often resemble those associated with a flue and can often make it difficult for the individual to carry on with the parasite cleansing program. Nevertheless, it is important to stick with the program until the parasites have been removed as that will help to speed up the healing process. However, the cleansing process can be difficult and should be done on a level that each individual can tolerate.

Headaches and Other Pain

Headaches and other pain throughout the body are common die-off symptoms of parasites. The headaches can be a direct result of dietary changes, such as fasting, avoiding processed foods, and from eating more fruits and vegetables. These are known as detox headaches that arise when the body is cleansing and disappear when the cleansing is complete.

The headaches could also be the result of the parasites moving around in the head. In these cases, the pain could be around the eyes, by the ears or all over the head.

Basically any area of the body where the parasites are dying or getting restless will be sore and painful until all the parasites and toxins are released. This includes the stomach, back, legs and muscles.

A hot bath and a gentle massage can help to reduce the pain and increase the blood flow so that the toxins can begin to leave more efficiently.

Weakness and Fatigue

Although weakness and fatigue might already be present, the severity at which they are present could increase because it takes a lot of energy for the body to cleanse itself from the parasites. Then once the majority of the parasites and toxins are eliminated, the strength and energy will begin to return again.

In order to speed up the healing process, one should avoid excess exercise or physical activities, and get plenty of sleep and rest throughout the day.

Crawling Sensations

Once the parasites begin to feel threatened in one area of the body they set out to find another place where they can be more comfortable. As a result, crawling sensations are often felt under the skin, in the intestines, stomach, legs, back, head, nose, mouth, ears and other areas where they begin to move around. These crawling sensations can be painful, especially in the head, back and legs. In other areas, such as the nose and mouth, they can be quite annoying.

Skin Sores

Skin sores are common die-off symptoms as well. These occur as a result of the body eliminating toxins at a rapid pace. The skin is one of the eliminating organs, and if too many toxins are trying to leave at once the skin will often break open in order to release the toxins.

The toxins that leave the body via the skin might be substances left behind by the parasites, the eggs, or in some cases the parasites themselves.

Digestive Problems

Depending on what type of parasite and what type of treatment or remedy that is taken, there could also be digestive problems. Diarrhea is often the case as the body is desperately trying to eliminate all harmful substances from within. One might also experience bloating and develop hard knots in the abdominal area including around the belly button.

Emotional Instabilities

Parasites can rob the body of important nutrients that are not only needed by the body, but by the mind as well. The result of this deficiency is often depression and other emotional problems. In addition, the other die-off symptoms can be overwhelming and bring about negative emotions as well.

The best thing to do in this situation is to understand that these changes must take place in order for the body and mind to be healed. Talking about the situation with a trusted friend or family member can help, but getting lots of rest, both physically and mentally, is one of the best things to do in order for the mind to heal.

Bad Breath

If parasites are present in the throat and mouth areas they can contribute bad breath as the toxins are released into the mouth.

Easy Bruising

Parasites will get restless once they know that they can't survive where they are at. As a result they start moving around in the body; perhaps they are trying to find a new place to hang out, or they know they are done for. Whatever the reason, once they start moving around near the surface of the skin it can result in bruising.

Dealing With The Die-Off Symptoms of Parasites

The die-off symptoms of parasites are difficult to deal with. However, they should be welcomed and embraced because they are a sign that the body is healing. Doing so will help to keep a positive outlook on the condition, which in and of itself can do wonders for good health. Studies have shown that any negative emotions or focusing on the pain or remedies from a negative perspective will only make the condition worse and prolong the healing process.

Instead of focusing on the bitter remedies, one should focus on the benefits and the good they will do for the body. As for the increased lack of energy, one should remember that the body is using all of its energy towards killing off and eliminating the parasites. Doing so will naturally help to shift the focus to a more positive one, and in return make the situation easier to deal with.

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