The Benefits of Jalapeno Peppers for Parasites

Jalapeno Peppers Can Help to Destroy and Eliminate Various Types of Parasites

Jalapeno Peppers for Parasites

The benefits of Jalapeno peppers are excellent when it comes to dealing with internal parasites. Not only are these peppers hot in the mouth, but in the digstive tract as well. The heat is generally not favored by most, especially not by any intruders such as parasites. It makes them uncomfortable and forces them to leave the body one way or another. In addition, the heat induces a sweat, which in turn helps the body to expel any toxins left behind from an infection.

Natural remedies for parasites have existed for hundreds of years before antibiotics were invented and became widely available. Known as anti-parasitic foods, these ingestible food products made it impossible for a parasite to keep thriving inside a human victim for very long. The elements and enzymes in the given food simply starved a given bacteria or raised the body temperature enough to kill off the given parasite. As a result, such foods are often recommended as natural intestinal parasite cures.

Jalapeno Peppers as a Anti-Parasitic Food

Jalapeno peppers and parasites have a long history. The peppers have been traditionally known to be extremely effective as a remedy for stomach and intestinal parasites. As the digested peppers travel through the intestinal system, the pepper substance causes all sorts of reactions that are inhospitable to foreign bacteria, killing them off and allowing the body to expel them with waste.

However, unlike medicine and pharmaceutical antibiotics, which can have serious side effects in addition to a strong effect on parasites, jalapeno peppers and similar anti-parasitic foods don't work instantly. They need to be ingested over time, and the peppers' effect will establish itself as the body has a ready presence of the pepper in the digestive system fending off bacteria. As a result, a cleaning process can take three to eight weeks, depending on the type of parasite involved.

Eating Hot Peppers, Ouch

Jalapeno peppers can be a bit of a challenge to eat given how spicy they are, but after a while a person develops a tolerance. One method of reducing the impact of the pepper is to cut and chop the pepper down into smaller pieces and then mix them with a soothing food like yogurt. With a steady stream of one to a few peppers a day mixed with yogurt, a person will start to feel a balancing out of the intestinal system fairly soon. The peppers as well as the yogurt are both cheap and easy to find in any grocery store.

Maintenance After the Fact

Once the parasites are expelled the jalapeno peppers can be lessened as the need for cleaning out will no longer exist. That said, it's a good idea to maintain some level of pepper presence to stop the parasite from coming back again and getting established inside the intestines once again.

Other beneficial anti-parasitic foods to include in a daily diet are garlic, pumpkin and papaya seeds, spices, bitter herbs and lots of green vegetables.

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