Health Benefits Of Garlic For Parasites

Garlic Can Help to Destroy and Eliminate Various Types of Parasites


When it comes to parasites, garlic is one of the top foods that can help in the fight against the creatures. It has the power to kill the parasites, as well as improve bowel movements and expel the parasites from the body.

The anti-parasitical ingredients contained in garlic are the allicin and ajoene, both of which are said to be effective against a wide variety of parasites. Allicin is released as soon as the garlic is crushed and is most potent when fresh. Therefore, garlic is best when eaten raw in order to obtain all the ingredients in their natural and most potent form.

There are many ways to consume garlic for parasites, such as eating a whole clove by itself (recommended only for the brave), or mixing it in with a mashed avocado or into a green smoothie. A tea can also be made by steeping it with ginger, cinnamon or cloves, which are also anti-parasitical remedies.

Kills The Parasites

One of the main benefits of garlic for parasites is that the garlic is able to kill the parasites. The garlic contains warming ingredients that interfere with the comfort of the parasites, which then causes them to die off or leave.

Prevent Eggs From Developing into Larvae

Garlic also has the ability to prevent the parasitic eggs from developing into larvae, which is the earliest stage of their lives. This is a huge victory over the parasites as that halts the reproductive process.

Restores Intestinal Flora

Parasites are unable to survive in an environment with the correct bacteria. Garlic helps the body to eliminate harmful bacteria and restore the good bacteria so that the flora within the digestive tract becomes uninhabitable by the parasites.


Another quality of garlic is that it helps to eliminate and neutralize the toxins created and left behind by the unwanted creatures. This is absolutely essential because toxins can contribute to a host of other health conditions.

The garlic acts as a mild laxative that helps to eliminate waste material from the digestive system and body, which then creates a clean environment within the body wherein the parasites cannot live in.


As with any other food or remedy, garlic should be consumed in moderation. It is very strong and can cause damage to the stomach and intestinal tract if it is taken in excess amounts. Some might also experience allergic skin reactions or headaches if taken in excess amounts.

Two cloves per day is all that is required in order for it to be effective. Some individuals, however, might be able to tolerate larger amounts. The key is to start slow and gradually increase the amount in moderation provided no negative side effects are seen.

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