Foods That Feed Parasites

Parasites Generally Feed On Any Type of Sugar or Anything That is Toxic to the Body

Foods That Feed Parasites
Foods That Feed Parasites

Parasites are any type of creatures that feed off of another host. Their intention is not to destroy the host because if the host dies, then they will be forced to die as well. Although they can feed off of just about any kind of nutrient and food substance, there are certain foods in particular that feed the parasites. These are foods high in sugar, starches, unhealthy fats, and man-made ingredients, such as food preservatives, food colorants and many other food additives. Therefore, the best way to eliminate parasites from the body is to eliminate the foods that feed parasites.


It is not always the case, but severe sugar cravings can be a sign that parasites are present in the body. This is especially true if sugar cravings were never a problem before because it is not the body or mind that craves them; rather it is the parasites who dictate the cravings.

Foods that contain sugar basically include anything that is sweet like candy, processed chocolate, gum, baked goods and many other foods. There are also many drinks that are high in sugar including processed fruit and vegetable juices, sodas, energy drinks and alcoholic drinks. The best thing is to avoid any food or drink that is processed, even if it contains only a small amount of sugar.

Many fruits, such as bananas and apples are also high in sugars that feed the parasites. Basically all sweet fruits contain sugar and should be avoided during a parasite cleanse. In addition, dairy also contains a form of sugar that can interfere during a parasite cleanse.


Starches easily convert to sugar as well. Starchy foods, although they are healthy in general, can pose serious threats if parasites are present within the body. They include potatoes, beans, rice, wheat, corn, quinoa, buckwheat, and any product derived from these foods, such as pastas, breads and cereals.

Unhealthy Fats

Unhealthy fats are everywhere in food these days. Many meats, eggs, dairy and dairy products contain high amounts of unhealthy saturated fats that feed the parasites. Saturated fats, hydrogenated and trans-fats are commonly found in many processed foods, baked goods and junk foods. Salad dressings, mayonnaise, candy bars, chips, ice creams are a few examples of what type of fats to avoid.

Processed Foods

Processed foods generally contain many kinds of artificial ingredients and food additives, such as colorants, artificial flavorings, preservatives and many others. These are unnatural to the human body and therefore, tend to linger around and feed the parasites. Basically anything at the local grocery store that is packaged either in a box, bag, can, bottle or any other type of packaging will contain at least one or more artificial ingredients. Any term that sounds scientific is usually a substance that was created in a lab.

Common processed foods to avoid are breakfast cereals, cereal bars, pastas, and canned goods including canned fruits, vegetables and purees.

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