How To De-String Peas

A Simple Technique that Makes it Easier and Quicker

How To De-String Peas
How To De-String Peas

Although it can be somewhat time consuming, it is fairly easy to de-string peas. You could just as easily leave the string, but you would end up with a mouthful of fiber that you cannot chew or swallow. You could also remove the peas from the pods and discard the pods if you do not want them in your food. However, by adding the pods you are also adding additional fiber, which is beneficial for the digestive tract.

By de-stringing the peas you can enjoy both a delicious and high fiber meal without interruptions. The fibrous strand that you need to remove is located at both sides of the pod and it can be removed in a few quick and easy steps. This should be done prior to preparing and cooking them.

Step 1:

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Take a knife, or you can also use your fingernails if you like, and cut a slit at the top of the pea pod. This simply cuts the fibrous strand and allows you to easily remove it along the sides.

Step 2:

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Then take the one strand and gently pull it down to the bottom on one side. Do the same to the other side. Sometimes the fibrous strand will break at the half-way point and you will have to pick it up again in order to remove it. One way to do this is to flip the pea pod over and slit the bottom in the same ways that you did the top and then pull the strand from the bottom.

The key to avoiding breakage is to pull the strand slowly until you have the hang of it. It is fairly easy and will come to you with a bit of practice.

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Once you have removed the strand, you should have a small groove along the side where the string was nested. The pea pod is still closed and able to hold the sweet kernels in place.

After the fibrous string is removed, you can prepare the peas in any fashion that you like, such as cutting them at an angle in the middle, or in thirds. Some of the peas will be cut or fall out, but you can always gather them and still use them.

There are many ways that you can enjoy fresh peas, such as in soups, salads, stir-fries and baked dishes. You can also enjoy them in a raw pea salad or any other raw dish. If using them in stir-fries or in baked dishes, then you can leave the peas whole if desired.

They are quite tasty as the small kernels are able to offer up a slightly sweet taste to any dish. Peas are also very nutritious and can add lots of fiber and other nutrients to your plate without the extra calories.