Anti-Parasitic Recipes

Omit the Sugar and These Recipes Will Help to Fight Parasites and Candida.

Here is my collection of anti-parasitic recipes. Some of these are remedies that you normally would not consume, but some of them are ordinary raw foods that you can consume as a side dish or as a meal. You will also find a few anti-parasitic drinks that you can enjoy between meals at any time of day.

One of the main qualities of anti-parasitic foods is that they do not contain sugar or starch. They mostly consist of green vegetables, bitter herbs and spices. Therefore, you will not see any recipes that contain sweet fruits; however, you will see some that call for honey. This is because honey adds a nice flavor to it, but you can easily omit or reduce the amount you put in. Even if you add a bit of honey, the rest of the ingredients will fight against the parasites and still make the recipe effective in the cleansing process.

If you do add the honey, however, make sure that you keep the intake at a very low level and gradually reduce the amount until you can go without the sweetness. Your ultimate goal is to eliminate all sugar from the diet until the parasites are gone and the body is healed.

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